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Not bad for a first.

It wasn't bad at all for a first try at sprites. The fighting was rather slow, faster action is always better.

Luigi losing was an unexpected touch. Nice.

3/5 Keep it up, I expect to see more from you in the future.


Btw, I have your replay button... :D

CIA responds:

3/5 = overall 5? =C

anyways. its not my first with sprites. thats the only thing i can do. beside a little stick. This was made for a failed collab and i wanted to see what reviews it would get. i might delete this because i dont want to harm my account.

I have more done, but the rest are for almost finished collabs.

check out my site for better flashs.



He quedado totalmente impresionado, Rigo, me gusto el parecido con los caballeros del zodiaco.

Graficos: Para haberlos hecho a mano, son excelentes!, eres todo un profesional, en serio :).

Sonido: la musica de fondo de caballeros del zodiaco me gusto mucho, pues siempre he sido un gran fan de la caricatura :), Las voces... cual es tuya? Alguna de esas es de Ozcar? (creo que vi en los creditos que ozcar ayudo?). Por cierto, todas son muy buenas y se oyen excellentes; fuertes y claras.

Violencia: Aunque realmente no hubo una pelea en si (osea que no hubo escenas en donde los caballeros se golpean fisicamente), pero lo recompensaste con los ataques especiales.

Interactividad: Me gusto mucho el hecho de que tiene un seleccionador de escenas, pero es todo lo que tiene de interactivo.

Humor: No lo hay, pero pues es rara la vez en que lo hay en la caricatura original, no?

Overall: Quede totalmente paralizado de lo bueno que estuvo, realmente no puedo esperar para ver el proximo capitulo de god warriors. Espero que te den un reconosimiento por esta obra de arte, un front pageazo al menos :).

Sin mas que decir por ahora, te deseo mucha suerte, buen trabajo, Rigo.



Pretty good, didn't expect it at all!

Short my ass, a flash can be an hour long and still be shit, this flash is awesome, you definetly deserve a spot on the top 50, and the daily first of course.

Enough ass kissing to you, on to the actual flash...

The graphics were superb, from start to finish, I really like this type of shorts, and I'm glad how this one turned up, I'm looking forward to see more of it, and maybe even more flash from you, I have yet to view all of your current ones, but from the looks from the ones I've already seen, your skills have been greatly improoving over the time. :)

The story was interesting, I wonder what will happen next, please don't take too long to bring us the sequel :P

I couldn't hear the character's voices that well, but it may be my crappy speakers, maybe it would make it easier to understand if you add subtitles to this one, and to the next ones as well.

A little background info would be cool too, I don't really know what goes on, apart from the blatant obvious... Maybe you could give us a little more info about that comic. Just a thought.

Overall, can't think of anymore to say, except for... Keep up the good job!


Oh! my o_0

I've never heard that song from the beatles before, it doesn't make any sense at all, but then again, when has a beatle song made any sense? heh. :)

I loved the animation. Everything the song said you illustrated us with magnificent graphics, and with a humoristic touch, which is one of the reasons this flash is so good, no wonder why it's in the top fifty ;)

The sound. Was kind of distant, not in a way that you can't literaly hear it, but it could be hard to know what the song says if it wasn't for the subtitles or maybe it's just me, or that's the way the song was made (again, it's the first time ever I've heard this song).

It was a nice touch to put the words to the song. Kinda makes you sing along doesn't it? well not really, but it was a nice touch indeed.

All in all, a great movie.


Great Job.

Short on laughs. Great drawing and animation, but alot of the jokes fell flat. I did laugh once out loud and it was a pretty hilarious part I'll admit. "Button masher!" "Yeah, fuck that kid!" LOL. Awesome. Other than that though, I smiled a few times and others I was kind of amazed by how unfunny some parts were. You just need to capture that humor a little better and this series will television worthy. It was an overall great animation, but work on the writing and on the jokes too.

Keep working hard.



No se porque nunca eh puesto un review para esta movie tan chida, pero nunca es tarde, me gusto mucho Rigo, como todas tus flashes =) espero que tu mano se recupere pronto.



That was weird, but I likes weird.



Decent graphics, but you are missing a very important thing, sound.. by the way that was boring as hell, try working on some other stuff.



Gregg-Dix responds:

LOL, of course


Wow, Shortly after I reviewed your latest movie, BAM, there's another one on the portal, lol , great job on this one has well, I laughed so hard at the last part where the cow is laughing like an idiot. great job Jack, keep it up!

Waiting to see more from j00 =)

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