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LOL, GOOD ONE JACK! ;) I'm looking forward for more from you man =)

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What this flash needs would be to break out the routinized pattern it follows like shoot shoot shoot die die !one survived. Thats sucks more when the sound only adds to the montonity of it all boom boom boom. The stick figures are pretty life less and what they could contribute from in a war to make them more real is fear.

Really really you need to when making these flashes emit a sense of urgeny, it is a war or something isn't it?

to break away from the critiscm I'll say its was cool and I enjoyed it and I bet alot of other people enjoyed it as well, keep up the good work!


Honestly, the only two XIN flashes I've seen are the first one and this. I wasn't impressed with the first one, so I didn't give the XIN series a chance. That was a big mistake.

I'm very interested to see how the series evolved into something this incredible... I also can't wait to see more. You just got yourself another fan ^_^.


This guy is a genious, i saw this animation and it was so amazingly fluent, just like a cartoon you'd see on TV. So i decided to check out this guys website, his portfolio is incredible, he really is an artist, someone give him a job, hes THAT good!

Hmm K

That was kinda funny, but I'm not sure what's going on at all.. oh well nice graphics,


StealthBeast responds:

... You ever seen Krinkles series? Oh whatever lol.

Great Movie

I keep watching your animation, becase it is so freaking sweet. The animation is so smooth and the special action effects are great. They are way better than anything you'd find in something like the Matrix (*cough*sucks real bad*cough*). Even thouhg it had no dialogue and a very loose plot, it still was good enough to be in the top 50.

Wow, just wow!

No wonder its on the front page, thats all i have to say :D

It reminded me so much of Freespace 2, bah ill have to dig out my logitek 3D joystick and attempt to get it working again :P

the one thing missing from the battle scenes is beam weapons ;D if youve seen Freespace then you'll agree that would of made the battle so much more interesting.

you should make more, or a sequal in one way after this... the only problem then would be trying to live up to this one :p

good job, keep up the good work.


I haven't had crave for a lust of carnage in a long time, but that was fucking awesome. I just wanted to go around my dorm hall kicking the shit out of everything, and everyone that I saw. As much as I loved the white bunny, I secretly though, wanted the black bunny to win the final fight, since he seemed like such a bad muther-fucker. Anyways, great job on the flash, and I hope to see more from you in the future

Hmm, ok

not as good as i hoped it would be, but still pretty good

the graphics were...well, to me, a little bit sloppy, but it still looked pretty good. the style just didnt really hit me as good. the music was pretty decent, but somewhat simple.

by the way, my friend has this game called "Alice". the part with the rabbit reminded be a LOT of that part that is also in the game. the game is just a really twisted and creepy version of alice in wonderland. alice is a nutcase in it, and hte whole game is just a dream while shes like drugged or something. its one HELL of a dream, though.


Short but it was ok, Nice backround and all.

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