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I love cake.

Posted by wismty - October 24th, 2011

I have been smoking since I was 14, not regularly, but mainly in parties, just to fit in, I guess. Anyway, I'm going to quit smoking, since I just got a job that requires me to be fit. So far I've been tobaco free for 2 weeks! I haven't had the urge to smoke at all... Looks like I'm going to make it :)

Posted by wismty - March 2nd, 2011

What do you think of me? :3

Posted by wismty - June 30th, 2009

List of games I still need medals to achieve:

1) Seed of Destruction.
1 medal:
a) Illiterate; not possible to achieve; glitched? (10 points)

2) SHIFT 4
Still need all medals (4) (apparently they're not working properly...) (150 points)

3) OCD+
1 medal:
a) Human test subject. (100 points)

4) Drop the Bomb (Medals)
2 medals:
a) Bomb Squad (10 points)
b) Someone set us up the bomb (25 points)

5)Epic War 3
1 medal:
a) 4Musketeer; Glitched (50 points)

6) Lastman
2 medals:
a) Beetle Battle (100 points)
b) Secret Medal (??? points)

7) William and Sly
1 Medal:
a) Sly Fox (100 points)

8)When Pigs Fly
1 Medal:
a) All the way home (100 points)

Posted by wismty - April 6th, 2009


ADDED VIDEOS, please forgive me for the horrible quality and no sound, if someone could recommend a good program I'd be thankful.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ READ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

MLEYS-- Level 1 - Done. (very easy) (VIDEO)
ZPWTR-- Level 2 - Done. (very easy) (VIDEO)
XQWXT-- Level 3 - Done. (easy) (VIDEO)
PMPEM-- Level 4 - Done. (easy) (VIDEO)
UOENC--- Level 5 - Done. (easy) (VIDEO)
ONSSW-- Level 6 - Done. (moderate) (VIDEO)
IZEPO---- Level 7 - Done. (easy) (VIDEO)
EJUGL----Level 8 - Done. (easy) (VIDEO)
TYUPQ--- Level 9 - Done. (moderate) (VIDEO)
MITFD---- Level 10 - Done. (moderate) (VIDEO)
QDOGN ---Level 11 - Done. (easy) (VIDEO)
RAMPL ---Level 12 - Done. (Random: easy/moderate) ***** (VIDEO)
GMLSN ---Level 13 - Done. (easy) (VIDEO)
JPNIS -----Level 14 - Done. (moderate) (VIDEO)
BBRBT ----Level 15 - Done. (hard) (VIDEO)

***** = From this point it's acceptable to take damage, otherwise, instant reset; There's just no point on continuing after being touched when I know I can beat the level flawlessly.

================ ======================== ==================

Well, I'm off school for 3 weeks, so I'll have some extra time to do the impossible; Getting Drunken Deity on Alkie Kong 2, an achievement that only the true elite gamers are able to obtain.

As of this moment the only people who've achieved this arduous task are:
Wylo March 8th(!?)
life April 4th(?)
wismty April 10th.
Varien April 24th
Fleshlight April 27th
gdfsgdfg April 30th <----- (Possible cheater)
FlappableBag May 2nd?
Nijsse May 22nd

I've been avoiding doing that feat because I know I need a lot of time to perfect every little jump and move, not to mention, develop an effective strategy on the harder levels (9, 12, 14 & 15).

If anyone wants help or tips on any level, don't hesitate to ask.

Let's play some Alkie Kong!!!

A Drunken Journey Begins:

April 5: I managed to go untouched until I got stuck in level 9, I can see a pattern I can use to avoid getting hit on the first cycle, but I'm having a harder time recognizing a pattern for the last 2 cycles, it's not that hard, just tedious and frustrating. Oh well, it's getting late, I'll tackle it tomorrow. :)

April 6: Now I got up to level fucking 11 without getting touched and those molties were coming from everywhere, it was fucking horrible ;_;. Level 9 was a pain in the ass to do, though I found a very safe and effective way to cruise it... Ugh, I was sooo close to beating this crazy game, like my best friend Altrio would say "God Damn it" :( More tomorrow.

April 7: Didn't really get a chance to play much. I had to do a lot of stuff. I'm gonna see if I can finish this game off by tomorrow.

April 8: I got to level 12 with just one life left, I lost pretty quickly, I think the toughest part of this level is the randomness of it, there is no way to know which side alkie will throw barrels at, I've already beaten this level in my "practice runs" perfectly, but the random part of it makes it either very hard or very easy to do... I can now beat level 9 consistently.

Again I got all the way to level 12 without getting hit, but it's just too random... so I skipped it and went to level 13, which after a few tries I aced it, thanks to very predictable bats and timed jumps :) Tomorrow I'll try to figure out lvl 12 better and tackle on level 14... ugh.

April 9: OMFG I feel so stupid now, in level 12 I missed something SOOOO obvious that would help me even out the randomness of the level... Well, looks like level 12 will now be branded as easy/moderate on the count of this discovery... haha. Before this "discovery" my chances of beating the level were less than 10%, now its easily over 80%. Drunken Deity feels less like a hang over now :D

And... After 10 tries I did level 14 (on a test run, anyway) without getting hit. I hate this level, I have to be pretty focused on everything above and below me... I still need to master it before moving on.

And to finish the day off, I made level 15 with just one life left... just one problem, I haven't practiced level 15 at all, so naturally I lost right away. I'm so close to finish this game now, I should have it by tomorrow. :D

April 10: Finally beat 15 (test run). Now for the real run... And after one frustrated attempt on beating the game (I messed up in level 13), I make an incredible comeback and kick the game's ass without getting hit once! AND IT ONLY TOOK 5 DAYS, GOD DAMN IT!


Posted by wismty - April 1st, 2009


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C o m i n g S o o n