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Medals which I still need to earn:

Posted by wismty - June 30th, 2009

List of games I still need medals to achieve:

1) Seed of Destruction.
1 medal:
a) Illiterate; not possible to achieve; glitched? (10 points)

2) SHIFT 4
Still need all medals (4) (apparently they're not working properly...) (150 points)

3) OCD+
1 medal:
a) Human test subject. (100 points)

4) Drop the Bomb (Medals)
2 medals:
a) Bomb Squad (10 points)
b) Someone set us up the bomb (25 points)

5)Epic War 3
1 medal:
a) 4Musketeer; Glitched (50 points)

6) Lastman
2 medals:
a) Beetle Battle (100 points)
b) Secret Medal (??? points)

7) William and Sly
1 Medal:
a) Sly Fox (100 points)

8)When Pigs Fly
1 Medal:
a) All the way home (100 points)


Comments (10)

Except for the two medals you are missing in OCD+, i also achieved all medals honestly. The 10k clicks medal on top of that without using the enter button, it was even fun.
Yet for the Human test subject medal, i noticed someone's comment that got that one and was talking about cheat engine. With that tool you can speed up the 208 minutes, like that it can be done in about 5 minutes. As the tool name suggests, some players may frown at such a behavior, but this medal's task is simply ridiculous, typing a code for three days in medium-length intervals is just stupid.

The secret medal of this game is really easy again. You just have to type another code in the window of that game, and that code is shown on the medal description of those people who achieved it.
Hope that helps, have a nice day! :D

Hello, and thanks for the tips. I don't use CheatEngine, but "Right click-> Forward-> Right click -> Back" is another method to speed the game's internal clock up considerably. Repeat a few hundreds of times until 208 minutes in game time translates into 15 minutes of real time.
The main reason I haven't achieved it yet, is time; I would need to "play" the game for slightly over 5 hours and that's just ridiculous. As far as getting the secret medal goes, I did try to input the "secret code" into the game's window, but it didn't register, perhaps I made an error while typing it.. I should be able to obtain it by the next attempt, though.

I confess to have use the right-click back/forward function to speed the game up, even though I'm 100% against using tools/hacks/cheats or any other means to get game medals in an improper way (That's just low and despicable, IMO), but when a game like OCD+ is made with next to impossible medals to achieve, well, I can let all that cheating slide just for this time.

Thanks for the comment, G'day to you too, sir.

yay, I have all four SHIFT 4 medals! I beat a pro!

Ugh, I don't know why, but I hesitated to play that game when it was released... I hope they fix it soon.

Epic War 3's 4Musketeers medal is sadly broken though. But the rest of that game is still fun.

Thanks for the heads up, the game is indeed fun.



For the War Hero medal, I just let it run, switched tabs, and eventually went to bed. When I woke up it had about 15 minutes left. But then you have to wait another hour after that. =/

Anyway, I admire your sense of honor when it comes to not cheating. =)

I did the Back/fordward trick and it took me less than 10 minutes to achieve it... There's just no way in hell I'm waiting that long for a game.

i dont think anyone should feel bad about cheating in OCD+. i mean omg he has no right to ask that of us. and besides cheating is half the fun anyway

You're right... But, even with cheating, I still can't afford to waste that much time trying to obtain the Human Test Subject medal, so it'll have to wait for a while.

i think the two medals in lastman are too hopeless to get and in seed of destruction you just have to choose illiterate or literate medal :D

Not hopeless, just way too time consuming. But now I've got time to burn, so maybe I'll have it soon :)

Congratulations on achieving 7 years on Newgrounds. Quite an achievement. Well done. Cheers, Gamejunkie.


Greetings from Mexicali.
lol, I never expected you to be a Mexican :P

LOL, I've already commented on your last blog :P

I need to keep practicing my memory ;_;